Pettersson and Findus released

Pettersson and Findus movie was finally released to the public last Thursday. I was happy to attend the premiere in Frankfurt with my family. My son loved the movie and was pretty sad as soon it was over. I hope to watch it with him again soon!

Tour at Weta Digital

Here’s a little insight into the motion capture technique we used for Tintin. Animation supervisor Jamie Beard shows how virtual sets and digital puppeteerie work.

Find it here.

Prometheus and The Avengers

The Avengers has opened nearly worldwide last week (US: 4th May) and it  looks like the movie has had an amazing first weekend, grossing nearly $180 Million.  Reviews are quite positive, too. I haven’t seen it myself but I’m looking forward to it soon.

Meanwhile, another international trailer for Prometheus has been released. Be sure to watch it!