Der Kauboy / Troublegum

D 2005, directed by Carsten Seller
Der Kauboy (Troublegum) is a computer animated shortfilm produced for my diploma at University Of Applied Sciences And Arts Hannover Germany. It won several awards including the short film award from Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation in 2006.




Gordo’s date could have been so nice. If only there wasn’t his bad breath problem and a stubborn chewing gum machine that turns out to be a perfidious trap.


written, directed and animated by:
Carsten Seller
additional animation:
Michael Enzbrunner, Mascha Jürgens, Benedikt Niemann
Sheldon Stopsack
logo design:
Maya Birken
bass clarinet:
Eckard Koltermann
music recording:
Björn Pauli
sound effects:
Nils Rademacher
Sebastian Biskup, Mascha Jürgens
technical support:
Haggi Flöser-Krey, Nicolai Tuma, Ambient Entertainment

Produced at University Of Applied Sciences And Arts Hannover Germany in 2005.
Funded by nordmedia Fonds GmbH in Lower Saxony and Bremen.